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Message from HH (Oct/30/2014)
The date shown above indicates when I last updated the remarks below or elsewhere in my HP. The new postings are in the boards under Discussion. Please click Discussion under MENU on the left to see recent postings there. "What's New" is not serving the purpose it used to. What would have been placed there are now placed in the "General Remarks" board under discussion. The Discussion boards have been reorganized recently. When you see a new date above, you can check Discussion to see which board(s) contain(s) (a) new posting(s). For each board there, you see the date of the most recent posting(s).

Information under "Works" under MENU has not been updated for some time, and I do not plan to update it for a while.

I have sent the manuscript Language Faculty Science to the publisher (Cambridge University Press) for copy editing.

You can get a general idea about its content in the postings in the "Remarks" board under Discussion, under [44350] "Language Faculty Science."

The postings under [44413] "A key to language faculty science as an exact science" in the "General remarks" board contain remarks that I do not make in those terms in Language Faculty Science. But, one may find them more directly revealing about my basic research orientation than what is stated in Language Faculty Science.