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Message from HH (Jan/03/2021)
The PPT file for gPrediction, experiment and replication in language faculty sciencehpresented at the 2020 Zoom Workshop on Language Faculty Science Linguistic Intuitions and Replication, December 20, 2020 is available here.

Most of my research has been made available at ResearchGate.

This website is not currently being used much. The following information is for those who are interested in the past postings made here.

The date shown above this box (next to Message from HH) indicates when I last updated the remarks here.

The "new" postings are in the boards under Discussion. If you would like to see related postings, please click Discussion under MENU on the left.

The information under "Works" under MENU (such as "Downloadable papers," "List of publications," etc.) has not been updated for some time. Please visit ResearchGate for downloadable papers.

The website that accompanies Language Faculty Science (Cambridge University Press) is accessible to the public.